Journal of Formalized Mathematics, Volume 7, 1995

Table of contents

  1. The Cantor Set
    by Alexander Yu. Shibakov and Andrzej Trybulec
  2. Logical Equivalence of Formulae
    by Oleg Okhotnikov
  3. Some Properties of Restrictions of Finite Sequences
    by Czeslaw Bylinski
  4. Special Polygons
    by Czeslaw Bylinski and Yatsuka Nakamura
  5. The One-Dimensional Lebesgue Measure As an Example of a Formalization in the Mizar Language of the Classical Definition of a Mathematical Object
    by Jozef Bialas
  6. Categories without Uniqueness of \bf cod and \bf dom.
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  7. Extensions of Mappings on Generator Set
    by Artur Kornilowicz
  8. Introduction to Circuits, II
    by Yatsuka Nakamura, Piotr Rudnicki, Andrzej Trybulec, and Pauline N. Kawamoto
  9. Definitions and Basic Properties of Boolean \& Union of Many Sorted Sets
    by Artur Kornilowicz
  10. Combining of Circuits
    by Yatsuka Nakamura and Grzegorz Bancerek
  11. Vertex sequences induced by chains
    by Yatsuka Nakamura and Piotr Rudnicki
  12. On the Lattice of Subspaces of Vector Space
    by Andrzej Iwaniuk
  13. On the Lattice of Subgroups of a Group
    by Janusz Ganczarski
  14. On the Lattice of Subalgebras of a Universal Algebra
    by Miroslaw Jan Paszek
  15. On the Decomposition of Finite Sequences
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  16. Decomposing a Go Board into Cells
    by Yatsuka Nakamura and Andrzej Trybulec
  17. Indexed Category
    by Grzegorz Bancerek
  18. Associated Matrix of Linear Map
    by Robert Milewski
  19. On the Geometry of a Go-board
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  20. The Theorem of Weierstrass
    by Jozef Bialas and Yatsuka Nakamura
  21. Dyadic Numbers and $T_4$ Topological Spaces
    by Jozef Bialas and Yatsuka Nakamura
  22. Full Adder Circuit. Part I
    by Grzegorz Bancerek and Yatsuka Nakamura
  23. Continuous, Stable, and Linear Maps of Coherence Spaces
    by Grzegorz Bancerek
  24. Some Basic Properties of Many Sorted Sets
    by Artur Kornilowicz
  25. Replacement of Subtrees in a Tree
    by Oleg Okhotnikov
  26. Minimal Manysorted Signature for Partial Algebra
    by Grzegorz Bancerek
  27. The Subformula Tree of a Formula of the First Order Language
    by Oleg Okhotnikov
  28. Steinitz Theorem and Dimension of a Vector Space
    by Mariusz Zynel
  29. On the Go Board of a Standard Special Circular Sequence
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  30. On the Monoid of Endomorphisms of Universal Algebra \& Many Sorted Algebra
    by Jaroslaw Gryko
  31. More on Segments on a Go Board
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  32. Certain Facts about Families of Subsets of Many Sorted Sets
    by Artur Kornilowicz
  33. On the concept of the triangulation
    by Beata Madras
  34. Left and Right Component of the Complement of a Special Closed Curve
    by Andrzej Trybulec
  35. Reduction Relations
    by Grzegorz Bancerek

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