Prior to publication in Formalized Mathematics, each Mizar article should be checked by the Mizar System and submitted to the Mizar Mathematical Library (see How to submit an article to the MML) together with an appropriate bibliography file summarizing the article (Summary) and providing the address of the author(s), MML identifier, acknowledgements, notes on financial support, etc.

Quality Control, Publication Ethics and Publication malpractice: the following statement is inspired by COPE Code of Conduct -
    Journal Authorship Policy
  • Everyone who has made substantial intellectual contributions to the study on which the article is based should be listed as an author. It is unacceptable to omit mention of someone who has participated in writing the manuscript (ghost-writing) or to omit investigators who have had important engagement with other aspects of the work.
  • Only an individual who has made substantial intellectual contributions should be an author. Performing technical services, translating text, providing funding or administrative oversight over facilities where the work was done are not, in themselves, sufficient for authorship, although these contributions may be acknowledged in the manuscript. It is unacceptable to include authors only because of their reputation, position of authority, or friendship (guest authorship).
  • In case of considerable difference in the authors' contribution to the paper (e.g. who formulated the proof and who formatized it), the information should be clearly indicated.
  • Relevant information concerning financial support for the paper should be acknowledged (e.g. as a footnote to the title or the author).
All cases of violating this policy or acts of plagiarism detected will be recorded and the Editorial Staff will alert the authors' academic institutions about the situation. Journal articles are checked by

The Editor reserves the right to edit articles.

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