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[mizar] Grzegorz Bancerek has passed away

With deepest regret I have to announce that our colleague Grzegorz Bancerek passed away prematurely on November 18th at age 51. Today we accompanied Grzegorz on His last journey and united in sorrow with His wife Ewa and two children, Bartek and Maria.

Grzegorz was an indispensable member of the Mizar team, who was several times awarded with the Sleszynski and Lesniewski Prizes of the Association of Mizar Users. He took part in the founding of the Mizar Mathematical Library, and He still remains one of the most prolific Mizar authors to date with 124 MML contributions. It must be noted that He never avoided difficult scientific challenges. His formalizations concerned a great variety of mathematical domains, including foundations of set theory, topology, lattice theory, universal and many-sorted algebra, or category theory. He was also the leader of the team-effort project aimed to formalize the Compendium of Continuous Lattices in Mizar. Recently, His works focused on computer science topics, most notably the analysis of algorithms and the formalization of the metatheory of the Mizar system.

Being a mathematician by education, Grzegorz was also a self-educated programmer who was always keen to discover new technologies and programming techniques and to apply them in His projects. Among His various tools and services He developed several versions of remote Mizar processors, on-line Mizar courses and e-learning classes. But most importantly He was the author of the current implementation of the translation software used in automatic generation of English math text from Mizar articles for the Formalized Mathematics journal, of which He was the Scientific Editor. He also developed several data formats and on-line systems to help browsing, searching, and analyzing the MML. The powerful MML Query system was His invention intended to aid writing Mizar articles, but also to explore and present the contents of the Mizar library.

For the last nine years Grzegorz was struggling with severe illnesses, but still remained active and spared no strength for the good of the Mizar project.

Personally, I will always remember Grzegorz as a brilliant scientist and a dedicated university teacher, but also as a very cheerful and open person with great devotion to family life, who very much enjoyed Japanese cuisine and loved playing the guitar classical pieces in His free time.

Adam Naumowicz

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