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Dear Mizar-Forum members,

On behalf of the Mizar team I am writing to share our deepest grief and sorrow after we have received the sad news that Andrzej Trybulec passed away last night.

For all of us He was a model of a researcher who devoted His whole scientific career to develop a project which He created more than 40 years ago and then successfully lead for the rest of His life, gathering around Him enthusiastic scientists from all over the world.

Although formally retired from the university a couple of years ago, He continued to work on Mizar and the Mizar library with His characteristic engagement and dedication. He always had a wealth of stories to share and was always eager for a discussion. Discussions with Andrzej were invaluably inspiring and thought-provoking. He spent his last days preparing a special journal issue to celebrate 40 years of Mizar and working with us on a new grant proposal...

One thing is certain - without Andrzej Mizar will not be the same anymore. But it will no doubt continue. We are sure that Andrzej's pioneering ideas will continue to grow towards His big dream that the Mizar Mathematical Library would form the basis of a modern encyclopedia of computer verified formal mathematics and some day become a standard reference source for working mathematicians.

No words can express the deep emptiness that Andrzej's loss has left in our hearts. At that mournful moment, we wish to extend condolences to Andrzej's sister Krystyna, His two sons Wojciech and Michal, and all of His family and friends.

Adam Naumowicz

Dept. of Programming and Formal Methods  Fax: +48(85)7457662
Institute of Informatics                 Tel: +48(85)7457559 (office)
University of Bialystok                  E-mail: adamn@mizar.org
Sosnowa 64, 15-887 Bialystok, Poland     http://math.uwb.edu.pl/~adamn/