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[mizar] New MML licensing policy

  Dear All,
  on behalf of the Licensing Committee of the Association
of Mizar Users I would like to inform that all authors
of new Mizar articles (including the latest official version of
the Mizar system, MML version 4.160.1126) should sign new
copyright transfer form for their articles. The old form
is no longer valid and will be removed from the distribution
  Adam Grabowski
  Library Committee of the Association of Mizar Users


New License and Copyright Agreement for MML

The MML is starting with this release dual-licensed under the GNU
GPL v3 or later and CC BY-SA v3 or later. Association of Mizar
Users (SUM) holds the copyright to MML, which allowed this
licensing change to be smooth. The licensing situation and policy
is overseen by the SUM Licensing Committee named below, that
should also be contacted in case license clarifications and
protection are needed.

To allow SUM to keep up with legal developments, and to maintain
and protect MML as one compact library with clear licensing, SUM
also continues to ask MML contributors for a copyright
assignement. This is newly done using a Fiduciary License
Agreement enclosed in the MML distribution (Mizar_FLA.pdf),
modelled after the Free Software Foundation's
template (http://fsfe.org/projects/ftf/fla.en.html). Note that
the person assigning does not lose their rights to the code
either, as the FLA gives back unlimited usage/single exploitation
rights to the author. Please see the FAQ in the MML distribution
or at (https://github.com/JUrban/MMLLicense/raw/master/FAQ) for
further details.

The SUM Licensing Committee:
Josef Urban (Head)
Jesse Alama
Michael Kohlhase
Lionel Mamane
Adam Naumowicz
Piotr Rudnicki